Etsy Shop Suggestions

The link to my Etsy shop is below. If you have a suggestion for a character or animal for a plush, feel free to submit it here! 

The only required field on the form is the email, but you can feel free to plug in an invalid dummy email.

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Assignment 1

Below is the list of media that I use every week:

  • Social Media

    • Facebook​

    • Twitter

    • Pinterest

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • Written Letters

  • Group Communication

    • GroupMe​

    • Zoom

  • Instant Messaging

    • Google Hangouts

    • Texting

    • Facebook Messenger

    • Skype

  • Reading

    • Textbooks​

    • Cooking Blogs

  • Games

    • Mobile Apps

      • Puzzle Games

    • Board Games

      • Settlers of Catan

      • Dweebies

    • Video Games

      • Watch fiance play

  • Organization Tools

    • Asana

      • Communication and collaboration at work​

    • Cooking Blogs

  • Music

    • Shared Music Samples

      • Clips when fiance is working on a new track

    • My Music Library

      • Goosehouse

      • Galileo Galilei

  • Television

    • Netflix

      • Gilmore Girls

      • New Girl

    • Anime

      • RomCom/Slice of Life​

      • Ano Natsu de Matteru

      • Bungou Stray Dogs


CSCE 445/656: Computers and New Media

I am taking this course to become better acquainted with the use of technology in media and how it shapes our culture.

Natalie Criscione

Howdy! I'm a Junior Computer Science student at Texas A&M. I am graduating December 2017 and will be getting married that month as well. I am a developer at a local website company and will go on to work full time there after my graduation. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell crochet plushes of popular video game characters.



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