Assignment 2

Reasons for Taking This Course

As computer science students, a number of students expressed interest in the class because of the desire to know how their work will impact users and what messages it can carry. This was the most compelling reason that I found. Others enjoyed the project based nature of the course and emphasis on reading. 

Video Games

As might be expected from this demographic, video games are popular with many students. League of Legends was probably the most common one that I saw. In addition, some students also mentioned in different categories that they follow gaming channels on YouTube. I can relate with this, as JonTron is one of my favorite YouTubers because of the nostalgic or goofy games he plays. I thought it was interesting that this interest persisted in multiple categories.



By far, the most popular methods of streaming that I saw were Netflix and Spotify. Netflix show preferences varied but there were several common ones like Stranger Things or The Flash and I recognized most titles. I even found a classmate who shares my love for the show New Girl! Music tastes were much more widely varied but there is a consensus on classic rock and country music.